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Twenty-first century robotics and sensing technologies have the potential to solve problems as old as civilization itself.

Symappsys draws the way to apply modern technology for the well-being of people and nature.

We aim at areas where the greatest benefit of society and individuals can be seen. Environment and food production are key factors for our future. By investing our knowledge and experience, we are trying to respond to these challenges, which are waiting for our children too.


In addition to their functionality, intelligent devices must also have both caracteristics such as mobility, energy efficiency and autonomy. That's why we've come up with a concept in which any smart sensor can become a smart gateway

This approach allows us to make devices even cheaper and more flexible. The backbone of our smart devices is the ESP8266 microcontroller

“Our perspective is that cost of both the sensors and devices is approaching free and the size is approaching invisible. Our perspective is literally everything will have IOT technology at some point,”

— James Bailey, Accenture

With the use of this microcontroller, our smart devices combine features that are characterized by the controller itself

32-bit Tensilica Processor

Tensilica L106 32-bit RISC processor, which achieves extra-low power consumption and reaches a maximum clock speed of 160 MHz.

High Durability

ESP8266EX is capable of functioning consistently in industrial environments, due to its wide operating temperature range.

Power-Saving Architecture

Engineered for mobile devices, wearable electronics and IoT applications, ESP8266EX achieves low power consumption with a combination of several proprietary technologies.


ESP8266EX is integrated with a 32-bit Tensilica processor, standard digital peripheral interfaces, antenna switches, RF balun, power amplifier, low noise receive amplifier, filters and power management modules.

Low power communication protocol

ESP-Now enables multiple devices to communicate without using Wi-Fi. The protocol is similar to the low power 2.4GHz wireless connectivity that is often deployed in wireless mice.

Long-range communication protocol

Semtech’s LoRa transceivers feature a long-range wireless modem that provides ultra-long range spread spectrum communication and high interference immunity while minimizing current consumption.



  • Oct 2018

    New PCB

    A new approach to ready-made modules.

    Optimized for standard modules of well-known Chinese manufacturers, which reduces the cost of the device and increases its modularity for various projects.

  • Sep 2018


    particulates in ambient air

    Measure critical regulatory parameters including PM-10 and PM-2.5 mass concentration as it exists in ambient air in Novi Sad, Serbia.

  • May 2018


    The extent of our own front end to display the collected data

    Using advanced techniques and web tools, we developed an opensoure system for displaying and distributing data to users

  • May 2018


    оf temperature and humidity in the drugs warehouse

    The system provides continuous monitoring based on wireless sensor network with a system for detection of alarm conditions via sms and e-mail.

  • Jan 2018


    of sampling and transport, water speciments from public wells

    Location and weather conditions recording during sampling, monitoring of sample temperatures all the way to the laboratory

  • Jan 2018

    Monitor environment

    of chemical laboratories

    Monitoring the conditions in which the employees work

  • Nov 2017

    Monitor Storage

    of Hazardous Chemicals in Warehouses

    Monitoring the conditions of storage of chemicals with an early warning system. Specific requirements are autonomy of devices in a room without electrical installations with limited data transmission power

  • Sep 2017

    Server Room Monitor

    of temperature and humidity

    redundant Internet access via WiFi and GPRS, early warning of changes in the parameters.

  • Sep 2017

    Bitcoin mining room

    of temperature and humidity

    redundant Internet access via WiFi and GPRS, early warning of changes in the parameters.

  • Feb 2017

    Air Quality

    of the residential building

    Atmospheric particulate matter (PM2.5) and environmental sensors with displaying real-time measurements

  • Sep 2016

    Monitor Quality

    of mushroom compost

    the quality of the soil and the air in the dark and damp areas

    Service based on the commercial version of the device Xiaomi Mi Flora

  • Mar 2016

    Monitor bee hives

    of mass and environmental conditions

    Large autonomy of devices on inaccessible terrain, with additional option of Anti-Theft Alarm

Distribution and Partnership

Official exclusive distributor of IG Prog products in Serbia.

Official exclusive distributor and partner of Cardware kft. in Serbia.


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